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Can you really afford not to have a Drug/Alcohol Prevention Program in your business?

In today’s society, drug and alcohol abuse has found its way into our place of business causing unexpected production slow down, product quality deficiencies and costly avoidable work related injuries. Without an effective drug and alcohol prevention program, your business could lose customers, your reputation, and eventually your profit.

We opened our doors in Boise on January 2, 2012 and
we have been on the cutting edge of this industry in
Twin Falls for 11 years. As a locally owned and operated company, we provide affordable testing without compromising true customer service. We do not have high operating costs and can pass those savings on to our customers.

“Integrity counts” is our motto, because drug testing requires total integrity. Knowing you have a reputable testing company gives you comfort when enforcing a drug free workplace policy. We are a full service Drug & alcohol Testing Company providing a complete package of testing capability to suit your requirements. Our staff is certified and professionally trained to conduct testing. We conduct on site testing as required by your
schedule. We are available 24/7 to suit your work schedule.

You can count on our rapid lab response for all positive
test confirmation. Samples are sent overnight to “Redwood Toxicology Laboratory” for lab testing and verification. The lab provides results within 24 hours of receipt of sample. All tests are viewed and confirmed by the “Chief Toxicologist”. All DOT tests are sent to “MEDTOX Laboratory” for testing and certification by a registered
Medical Review Officer (MRO).

We can help you set up a Drug/Alcohol Policy and Prevention Program. “ADD” will also help you stay current with new laws that may affect you Drug/Alcohol Policy and Testing Program.

Cost management is imperative for you to maintain a drug free workforce, and you will find that “ADD” is understanding and sensitive to this issue. When you ask
about our pricing, you will see that the actual cost of
maintaining a drug free workforce just became affordable.

Yes, you can afford a Drug/Alcohol Prevention Program in your business. “ADD” makes the program you choose affordable and convenient with testing times that meet your needs. You can trust us to make it happen.

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